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Hi, dear Beauty File readers!  It’s Brittney from Hush n Wonder, and I’m honored to be back, guest posting for Lisi.  They say that eyes are the window to your soul.  In my opinion, eyes are one of the most fun ways to transform a face.   A dashing of mascara and strategically placed eyeshadow is the key to looking like a natural beauty.  Winged eyeliner has the ability to take your whole look from modern to retro.  And a good smokey eye adds a little sex appeal to the most demure of looks.   I have had a love/frustration relationship with eye makeup for about as long as I can remember.  I’ve always been desperate to try new makeup trends but have found that it’s never as simple as replicating a look.  Different eye shapes require different techniques, and finding what works for your face is a process of trial and error.  In recent years, I’ve become much better at dressing up my eyes, and it’s in thanks to the tips I’ve gathered below:
  • Curl, Baby –   Invest in a good eyelash curler.
    Daily curling can actually train lashes to stay up – and when
    eyelashes are curled and up, you automatically look more awake and
    eyes look bigger.  Even if you leave the house without an ounce
    of makeup on do this – it makes your face much brighter.
  • Lashes Take Time -  Baby your lashes.  When you
  • apply mascara do it purposefully from base of lash to tip.  Apply
    the first coat and let dry for 20 seconds, then apply second coat.
    Let dry another 20 seconds, then separate lashes with either an
    eyelash brush (new toothbrushes work great!) or even your finger.
  • A Little Shimmer Goes A Long Ways –  A little makeup
    trick that works wonders on everyone is applying a little
    shimmery powder to the inside corners of your eyes.  This opens
    up your whole face and gives the illusion that eyes are further
  • Experiment with Shadow –  One thing to notice from all
    the photos above, is that shadow isn’t simply meant for the tops of
    lids.  Experiment with different colors and apply shadows under
    your lower lashes as well (I’m especially loving this technique in the
    3rd photo down – bare top eyelids, and some “reversed” smokiness under
    the lower lashes.  I’ll be experimenting with this.)
  • Get it Wet –  By dampening your eyeshadow brushes,
    then applying shadow, colors become much more intense.  This is a
    great way to use eyeshadows instead of eyeliners for fun pops of
  • Go Smokey Your Way –  I have bought countless “smokey
    eye kits” all that come with tutorials on how to achieve the perfect
    smokey eye.  When I follow these directions, I tend to look like
    monster on halloween as opposed to a sultry vixen.  It’s because
    my eyes are too small to handle lots of makeup.  So I’ve derived
    my own version of the smokey eye, which uses a lot less shadow.
    Pay attention to the trends you can pull off, and don’t assume
    everything will work on you.
  • Cat Eye Perfection –  Invest in a good liquid eyeliner
    to pull this look off.  Avoid bright shadows and keep the rest of
    the eye neutral.  This look is all about intense, black
    eyeliner.  A fun way to make the black eyeliner pop even more is
    by applying a thin layer of white eyeliner directly above the black.
    Find a good version here.
  • Know Your Colors –  Different colors look
    different on different people.  I have blue eyes, and just cannot
    wear brown eyeliner.  I know this through trial and error.
    You need to try different colors and note what looks good with
    your eye color and skin tone.

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Let’s hear it for these gorgeous hair & makeup duos as seen at the Met Gala last night.  I’m gaga over Rachel McAdams’ hair color, saving it as an inspiration pic for the fall when I inevitably decide I no longer want to be a blonde…again.  I couldn’t post all my favorite gowns, but here’s New York Magazine’s full coverage.  Next on my “to do” list is to pay the Met a visit and gaze lovingly at the “Charles James: Beyond Fashion” exhibit on display at the Anna Wintour Costume Center there.  Overall, the gowns were glamorous and the makeup was divine…hiiiiiiiiii, gorgeous lipsticks, hello!Beyoncé-Knowles ab06e966b1ee09b34e356a88560efd30 Taylor-Swift Anne-Hathaway Michelle-Williams Lupita-Nyongophotos via popsugar

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Speaking of mothers, SJP graces the cover of the latest issue of The Edit, Net-A-Porter’s publication, looking phenomenal.  Voluminous, pin-straight hair, not to mention GREAT highlights, mixed floral everything, she’s the ultimate chic mom, no?  This photo inspired me to pull together a quick gift guide for the moms with great taste.  Keep in mind, she is your mother…get shopping!


$500+ Eddie Borgo Rose gold-plated crystal chain-link bracelet.  Divine & perfect for any mama!


Under $500: An Hermes change tray in leather- would look stunning on any desk or night stand.  Pile on jewelry or change, also becomes a very fancy “on the go” mouse pad when unsnapped.  For the uber chic mom who has everything else.



Under $200: Fornasetti candles: scented candles made of vegetable wax.  Multitask by making any room a little prettier.  And when the wax runs out, you got yourself an amazing cotton ball holder.



Under $100: Smythson Superstar Notebook, $75: because why not?


Taschen 36 Hours books – set of 2 – U.S.A & Europe: because everyone could use a quick, fabulous escape, $80


Under $50: Pelle soap stones, available in many colors/flavors – handcrafted in Brooklyn & they look like large gem stones, $32


Under $30: Ban.Do’s super cute iphone cases, $25


I have this one (above)- makes me happy every time I see it!

You have a little over a week left, happy hunting!

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