Let’s hear it for these gorgeous hair & makeup duos as seen at the Met Gala last night.  I’m gaga over Rachel McAdams’ hair color, saving it as an inspiration pic for the fall when I inevitably decide I no longer want to be a blonde…again.  I couldn’t post all my favorite gowns, but here’s New York Magazine’s full coverage.  Next on my “to do” list is to pay the Met a visit and gaze lovingly at the “Charles James: Beyond Fashion” exhibit on display at the Anna Wintour Costume Center there.  Overall, the gowns were glamorous and the makeup was divine…hiiiiiiiiii, gorgeous lipsticks, hello!Beyoncé-Knowles ab06e966b1ee09b34e356a88560efd30 Taylor-Swift Anne-Hathaway Michelle-Williams Lupita-Nyongophotos via popsugar

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Speaking of mothers, SJP graces the cover of the latest issue of The Edit, Net-A-Porter’s publication, looking phenomenal.  Voluminous, pin-straight hair, not to mention GREAT highlights, mixed floral everything, she’s the ultimate chic mom, no?  This photo inspired me to pull together a quick gift guide for the moms with great taste.  Keep in mind, she is your mother…get shopping!


$500+ Eddie Borgo Rose gold-plated crystal chain-link bracelet.  Divine & perfect for any mama!


Under $500: An Hermes change tray in leather- would look stunning on any desk or night stand.  Pile on jewelry or change, also becomes a very fancy “on the go” mouse pad when unsnapped.  For the uber chic mom who has everything else.



Under $200: Fornasetti candles: scented candles made of vegetable wax.  Multitask by making any room a little prettier.  And when the wax runs out, you got yourself an amazing cotton ball holder.



Under $100: Smythson Superstar Notebook, $75: because why not?


Taschen 36 Hours books – set of 2 – U.S.A & Europe: because everyone could use a quick, fabulous escape, $80


Under $50: Pelle soap stones, available in many colors/flavors – handcrafted in Brooklyn & they look like large gem stones, $32


Under $30: Ban.Do’s super cute iphone cases, $25


I have this one (above)- makes me happy every time I see it!

You have a little over a week left, happy hunting!

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As many of us know, it’s not easy being a mom.  But you know what’s even harder?  Being a stylish and cool mom who makes it look easy?  That’s a triple threat.  As a special Mother’s Day treat, I’ve interviewed some of the most stylish mamas around.  They’re spilling all their fashion and beauty secrets, so listen up, they’ve got it all figured out.

First up is Julie Dermer: wife, mother of two beautiful children (Jack, 14 & Avery, 10), community activist and SoulCycle instructor.  She taught the first class I took (two years ago!), got me hooked and continues to inspire me on and off the bike.  Her personal style reflects her fun, upbeat personality and her flawless makeup mirrors the honest beauty she embodies.  We share the same taste in music, clothes, shoes & handbags and coincidentally, I grew up around the corner from her, so I’ve always found her to be a kindred spirit.  Thus, I present to you Julie D. –  I strongly suggest taking her class in NYC or on Long Island, her enthusiasm is infectious and she always looks great, even at 7am!


{Julie and her family}

Let’s talk beauty.  What’s your skincare regimen?

I’ve been using M.D. Forte facial wash before bed for close to 15 years – I’ve worked up to level III – the glycolic acid has been so great at keeping my skin exfoliated. I’m always trying new eye creams, right now I’m liking one from Caudalie.   I love Josie Maran’s Argan Oil first thing in the morning after washing my face with water – it feels so good and gives a good dewey glow early in the am when I need to run out the door for Soul Roosters.  NARS tinted moisturizer is my go to for daily sunscreen.

Favorite beauty tricks?

A little highlighter above center of the top lip (where there is the little dip) for extra pucker, and in the corner of the eyes for brightness.  Apply concealer last – after blush and eye makeup is done….and don’t forget at sides of nose and mouth.

Favorite place to shop for makeup?

When I want to indulge and get a full new look, I love going to Bergdorfs and see Cliff at Tom Ford  – I think Tom Ford makeup is so current and sexy and Cliff always knows what’s trending.  Day to day I stop in at Blue Mercury and the staff is awesome.

Most valued beauty treatment?  Favorite spa?

Sleep is by far the most valued beauty treatment.  If I’m tired, it shows…a lot!  I love a little spa on West 72nd Street called Celina.  I’ve been going to them for years – best mani/pedis and facials.  They’re never in a rush and I always feel special and girly when I’m there – such a treat, such an escape.

How do you think exercise has changed your skin/complexion?

I think sweating is such a healthy way to rid your skin of toxins and getting your heart rate up is so great for circulation.  Exercise just gives you that healthy “look” that shows head to toe!  I can’t imagine going that long without breaking a sweat – I’m pretty sure my skin would start to look different.

Favorite place to shop for bags & shoes?

Bergdorfs! Bergdorfs! Bergdorfs!

In your closet: favorite bag & shoes?

Hmmmmm…..I treated myself to a large Givenchy Pandora bag last year and I’m still really loving it!  I just bought a pair of red, strappy Aquazzara sandals that I’m a bit obsessed with at the moment.  I think they’ll be great all summer.

Lusting after_________?

The perfect leather jacket – edgy and classic….all the ones I like are so $$$$$.

Style muse and beauty inspiration?

I’ve always liked Kate Beckinsale’s style – classy and cool with an edge. For beauty I like Jennifer Lopez.  Her make-up is flawless and fresh.  Even when she’s totally done up she looks healthy and glowing.

Favorite magazine?

If I’m reading a magazine it’s usually gossip – People or Us.  For fashion, Elle.

Favorite quote?

Always changing and usually a lyric – these days “Say what you want to say and let the words fall out easily.  I want to see you be brave!”

Describe your “out the door” beauty routine?

Brush teeth, cold water splash, argan oil, mascara, lipstick, concealer.  Quick hairspray.

Since you’re a momma to a girl, what beauty related things would you like to pass onto her ?

Avery is so into playing with makeup and watching YouTube makeup videos, she’s usually giving me advice!  I would tell her make sure to always wash your face before bed and if you are ever feeling a little blue, a new lipstick will raise your spirits.

What beauty related things do you do with your daughter and/or looking forward to doing with her in the future?

We love going to Sephora together and get very excited about using the “points” we’ve accumulated.  I’m looking forward to taking a spa vacation with her when she’s older.  I hope we do that often!



Thank you so very much, Julie!  See you soon on a bike!  Check out her blog at Pedalstrokes!


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