Sunglass Addict

by Lisi on March 18, 2014

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“If you buy them, it will come…”

I don’t know about you guys, but it’s been so cold here for so long, I’m dreaming about a fresh, new pair of sunnies almost daily.  Hoping that my purchase will usher in some warmer weather.  I’m definitely drawn to one particular style.  Leaning toward the Supers with the wooden sides.  Tell me, how many pairs of sunnies do you have in your rotation?  I have three that I love, but two that I really wear.  My aviators are the easiest and the lightest, but I also love my bold shaped, tortoiseshell Celines.  I just want a statement, dark pair and then I’m done.  I swear, I’m done.  (I’m never really done…)

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bkr bottles  bkr: sexy hydration for v day

This year, let’s put aside the lingerie, forget the flowers, ditch the candies and grab a super cute & smart water bottle.  Ok, you can keep the lingerie, but hydration is incredibly sexy, no?  I’m simply smitten by these safe, ie: plastic free water bottles by bkr.  I love the concept and I adore the look, especially the whimsical hearts.  Made from “clean, bubbly glass & soft silicone,” these bottles got it going on.  While it’s yet to be determined if the bottle will fit into the cup holder on my beloved Soul Cycle bike, I’m willing to risk it.  This beauty’s on my V-Day list and should be on yours!

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1471273 608500275878866 1589208640 n bkr: sexy hydration for v dayAnd what’s more romantic than drinking water on the Pont de l’Archevêché in Paris (Lovelock Bridge)?  I’d have to go with nothing.

2013 heart storm 2 bkr: sexy hydration for v day

{this one’s my personal fave, the slate/cotton candy pink combo just gets me, sold here}

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pics via bkr

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Two Tone Time

by Lisi on January 30, 2014

in fashion,handbags,SHOES,Shopping,spring trends

manolo barneys Two Tone TimePerhaps it’s a nod to Kim Kardashian’s uber chic, Kanye commissioned style, but neutrals are all I want to wear these days.  Doesn’t she look really great?  I will confess that I watch KUWTK on repeat and follow most of them on Instagram.  What is it with them that’s so infatuating?  I’ll never be able to fully explain it, but for now I’ll follow Kim down the rabbit hole and wear tons of neutrals, two tones in particular.  Will you come with?


michael kors cb netapprter Two Tone Time

{Michael Kors dress – perfect dark shadow for slim curves}

givenchy two toned Two Tone Time

{Givenchy sandals}

reed krakoff netaporter Two Tone Time

{Reed Krakoff scuba dress}Chloe LargeBayleeBag bagsnob Two Tone Time


roland mouret coat  682x1024 Two Tone Time

{Roland Mouret coat}PROD CJ1898CEXCL 020 Two Tone Time{I have this top and LIVE in it, it’s so comfy and it has THUMBHOLES.  Enza Costa}

{chloe bag photo via bag snob}

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